ShulCloud 101

Do you have questions? We have answers!

We are excited that ShulCloud, our new membership management software, is up and running smoothly! Our staff has been training for months to get familiar with the new software, and we know many of our congregants are adjusting to the new system.


To help with the learning curve, please find easy-to-follow answers for many of the most frequently asked questions, below:

Frequently asked questions

How do I login to ShulCloud?

From our web site (, click on Member Login, located in upper right-hand corner of the website. This will take you to our dedicated ShulCloud site. Click on Login on the ShulCloud site Enter your email address that Congregation Ner Tamid has on file (the one we send emails to regularly) and select forgot password. You will receive an email to reset your password. Use the link in this email to set a password you can remember. This should log you in to your account, where you can begin exploring!

What if it wont accept my email address?

Make sure to use the same email address that Congregation Ner Tamid sends emails to. If you are NOT getting emails from us, please call the office at 702-733-6292 or email to get the email corrected in our system. Please note: An email address can only be set up for one user so if you share an email with your spouse/partner, only one name can be set as that user.

How can I make payments?

First and foremost, it’s important to know that your debit/credit card information was not transferred to ShulCloud, for security purposes, and automatic payments in our previous software were NOT transferred to the new system. Those payments are still running on our legacy systems and are then manually entered into ShulCloud. The good news? ShulCloud has various payment options that can simplify your life through automatic payments, or you can continue to pay just the way you’ve been doing it in the past. Read on for payment options now available to you. Payment Options: -Automatic, recurring or one-time payments with an e-check (in ShulCloud) -Set up automatic, recurring or one time payments with a credit card (in ShulCloud) -Mail in a check to Congregation Ner Tamid -Mail in your credit card information and indicate the amount you would like to pay to Congregation Ner Tamid -Direct a distribution from your IRA or your Foundation to be sent to Congregation Ner Tamid -Set up payments to be mailed from your bank account directly to Congregation Ner Tamid Donate stock to Congregation Ner Tamid Need help figuring out what works best for you and your family? Contact Edward Simon at 702-733-6292 to enter your payment information into ShulCloud.

Help! I can't set up my E-check/ACH.

There are a few steps involved in setting up and verifying your ACH/Electronic Check payments. It’s easier than it first looks! Step 1: Verify your checking account: Click on “My Account” Click on the My Payment Methods tile Click on “+Add New Payment Method” button Click on down arrow next to credit cards Select e-Check/ACH Click on “+Add card to this gateway” button Enter routing and bank account number and click authorization box. Please review and correct other information listed as well. Click “Save Payment Method” Step 2: Once you have submitted your bank information to ShulCloud, you will receive 2 microdeposits to your bank account. Please allow up to 24 hours for the microdeposits to show in your bank account. Once they appear: Login to ShulCloud Click on My Payment Methods Click on Verify Microdeposits Enter the amounts of the two microdeposits Upon verification, the microdeposits will be reversed in your bank account, and ShulCloud can take secure payments. You are now ready to use this payment method to set up recurring or one time payments in ShulCloud.

How do I set up recurring credit card or ACH payments in ShulCloud?

Once your bank account is verified or your credit card information is entered, you can set up payments in ShulCloud: Log in to ShulCloud Hover over MY ACCOUNT and click My Billing Click “Submit a Payment” button All charges that are currently open on your account will appear on the next screen with blue boxes next to them. Uncheck any items you do not wish to pay at this time or for which you would like to establish recurring payments. You can click in the box in the unpaid column to change the amount if you wish to make a partial payment. Pay this amount now: Choose “Once Now” or use the drop down arrow to adjust date of payment or to set up recurring payments. Note that our fiscal year ends on June 30th. To see how many months or quarters remain see the FAQ “How many months or quarters remain in the current fiscal year?” Click “Continue to Payment” button: If you have already entered a payment method you can choose your payment method at this time (eg credit card or e-check). If you have not entered a payment method you will be prompted to do so in the next step. Select whether or not to include a voluntary donation to help cover our processing costs (more info on this below) Click on “CONFIRM AND CONTINUE” button Click “PAY NOW” button Need assistance? Contact Edward Simon at 702-733-8553 and we can set it up for you.

I was on recurring/automatic payments. Do I need to do anything?

YES, you will need to either set up your payments in ShulCloud or call the finance office to give us your payment information so they can set up payments in ShulCloud. Your payment information was NOT transferred from the old system to the new system. They are still running in our legacy system. For security reasons, please do not email bank or credit card information. Call the office at 702-733-6292

What is the processing (convenience) fee?

Just like any business that accepts credit cards, Congregation Ner Tamid pays processing fees for this convenience for members. Please consider it a gift to make a donation by including the convenience charge to help cover processing fees. This helps cut overhead costs for our synagogue. We regurally spend $20-$30,000 a year covering these fees. Important note: ShulCloud allows us to process E-Check/ACH payments for a miniscule fee. Please consider using an e-check for payments to help our community!

I do not see my automatic credit card and/or ACH/Echeck payment posted in my account?

Any transactions made outside of ShulCloud need to then be manually entered into the corresponding ShulCloud account. Thank you for your patience with our small office staff and a large number of transactions.