Congregation Ner Tamid




December 22, 2023 - January 26, 2024    
12:00 am

CNT’s Rabbi Sanford Akselrad will join The Central Conference of American Rabbis’ (CCAR) weeklong solidarity mission to Israel on Saturday, January 27, 2024. On the trip, Reform Rabbis from around the country will show support for Israelis during the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7.

While in Israel, Rabbi Akselrad will meet with top Israeli leaders and visit with kibbutzim directly impacted by the terrorist attacks.

What can you do to help support this mission?

Donate to the CNT stands with Israel fund!

Rabbi Akselrad will donate funds to Combat Unit Chashal 282 for vests with ceramic (bullet resistant) inserts and ballistic helmets.

Since October 8th, the unit’s role has included mobilization and transporting of special forces, navigation, securing convoy movements in the combat zone, and evacuating casualties using Humvees. Most of the unit’s activities in the current conflict have taken place in or adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

“October 7th changed not only the lives of Israelis but Jews in the diaspora as well,” Rabbi Akselrad said. “Our hearts have been broken, and I think about Israel every day. It is both my privilege and my passion to support Israel during this time. I look to the Congregation for support on this special mission so I can share the love of Congregation Ner Tamid with the soldiers and the people of Israel who are fighting for the security of the state of Israel.”

When Rabbi Akselrad returns, he will address the Congregation during a special Shabbat Service on Friday, February 9, 2024, and tell everyone about his trip, where your donations were allocated, and how you directly helped the people of Israel.