Congregation Ner Tamid

High Holy Days 2023/ 5784


New Las Vegas Residents To Get Free Tickets To High Holy Days Services At Congregation Ner Tamid

Summer has become synonymous with “Shul shopping” before the High Holy Days in September, and Congregation Ner Tamid, the largest Reform Jewish Synagogue in Nevada, is inviting Jews new to the area to stop by its expansive Henderson campus to take a tour and pick up free tickets to attend High Holy Day Services at the Temple.

“If you moved to Las Vegas within the last year, we’d love to meet you and offer you free tickets to our Services during the High Holy Days,” CNT’s Executive Director Edward Simon said. “If you’d like to participate in this offer, please contact us in advance to schedule your tour of our Henderson campus and to pick up your tickets. We hope you’ll find your spiritual home here with us at CNT.”

“Congregation Ner Tamid was founded in 1974, and even though we carry the distinction of being the largest Synagogue in the State of Nevada, I think we’re one of the more haimish, warm, caring, and friendly synagogues around,” CNT’s Rabbi Sanford Akselrad said. “As a Reform Synagogue, we cater to a wide variety of families – interfaith as well as people who are looking for a more liberal approach to the High Holidays. Our Services are filled with beautiful music from our Cantor Jessica Hutchings and our Shir Harmony choir, thought-provoking sermons, and a welcoming spirit. So whether you’re new to the Valley or whether you’ve lived here for a long time, I think you’ll find that Congregation Ner Tamid is a beautiful place to call home and a special place to belong.”

Rabbi Akselrad said now is a particularly exciting time to join CNT because next year the Synagogue will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

“Before you know it, we are going to be entering our 50th year as a Congregation, and it is a chance for people to join our Synagogue and be a part of the reimagining of Ner Tamid as we move into our next 50 years,” Rabbi Akselrad said.

“Las Vegas is unique in the sense that most folks are not from Las Vegas,” Rabbi Akselrad said. “Our Congregation has people who’ve come from Chicago, Ohio, New York, California, so many different places, and they bring with them their ideas and very quickly realize our ability to integrate their ideas from their home Synagogue into our Synagogue. It’s created a special vibrancy of programming that really reflects the wide personality and backgrounds of people who have joined our Congregation.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Congregation Ner Tamid, want to schedule a tour, and pick up free tickets to High Holy Days Services, go to or call (702) 733-6292 and ask for Roberta.