Congregation Ner Tamid

Community Garden

Did you know the Greenspun Campus for Jewish Life, Learning & Spiritual Renewal has a Community Garden? Congregation Ner Tamid set aside an area in front of the King David Memorial Gardens for a Community Garden, open to all Temple members and members of the general community to plant fruits, vegetables, or herbs. The Garden plays many roles in our congregational life: it’s an opportunity for young and old alike to experience a little bit of nature in our urban environment; it’s a classroom experience for Religious School students learning about Jewish ethics concerning the environment; it’s a source of nutritious and delicious food for members; and it’s a place for individuals to investigate medicinal herbs and share their discoveries!

You are invited to harvest organic vegetables and herbs!

Plants thrive when they are harvested; they die when they’re not. Our crops vary, according to the season – but you are always welcome to come harvest what you need for your culinary creations! Currently, you will find: In the First Planter, on the right: Strawberries planted on Mitzvah Day. In the Second Planter on the right: Lemon Thyme and Mint. Third Planter, on the right (planted on Mitzvah Day): Cabbage (Red and Green), Beets, Curled Parsley. First Planter, on the left: Mint, onions, and flowers for your table. Second Planter on the left: Basil and Sage. Third Planter on the left: Cilantro, and Dill.

History of CNT’s Community Garden

Congregation Ner Tamid planted the first four planter beds for the Community Garden located in front of the King David Memorial Gardens on the Greenspun Campus for Jewish Life, Learning and Spiritual Renewal in 2012. Mindy Unger-Watkins, the project coordinator, said at the time, “We planted four beds for now. Once we are successful with the first four planter beds, we will expand the garden and potentially get more involvement from the greater Henderson community.” The Garden currently features six raised planter beds and four fruit trees.

CNT had some wonderful team members that helped to initiate the garden. Elaine Fagin from the University Cooperative Extension Horticulture Program jumped in to help advise the committee as well as provide the training needed to initiate the correct planting. McGinley and Associates, a Henderson environmental company, donated lots of time to help supervise the planter building and installation (thanks to Brian Rakvica) as well as the truck to get the soil to the site. Boy Scout Troop 903, under the direction of CNT member and Eagle Project Director Jace Scholes, did all the labor for grading, irrigation, and planter install along with the CNT landscaper, D and H Services who also donated their time for the project. And, Janie Greenspun-Gale’s long-time friends and composting specialists, Nature’s 8, provided all the rich soils. CNT member Cecilia Schafler, a landscape architect, did the layout for the initial planters as well our future additions. Staff from the City of Henderson helped the committee to make sure they followed city codes (thanks Paul Androcopolis and Amee Wojtech) plus Jace secured the City of Henderson community clean up trailer with all the needed tools for the day. And lastly, Janie Greenspun-Gale who is herself a master gardener with a great home garden, donated the balance of our funding for the initial project and future expansion. After many months of planning and coordinating, the 7th grade Religious School students planted the garden with help from the many sponsors that gathered to see the results of their hard work.

If you are interested in joining the Garden Committee, volunteering as a Garden Manager, or volunteering as a Garden Steward, all that is required are some regular visits to CNT to tend to the garden. Garden experience is only needed from a few volunteers so basically anyone interested can get involved. Join the garden community and help us grow.

Talmud Yerushalmi, Kiddushin 4:12 – Rabbi Hezekiah and Rabbi Kohen in the name of Rav said: It is forbidden to live in a city which has no healer, no bathhouse and no court which administers lashes and prison sentences. Rabbi Yossi said in the name of Rabbi Bon: It is even forbidden to live in a city which has no vegetable garden.

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